Thursday, June 7, 2012

10 Cool Movie Gadgets for the Future?

Nifty Flux Capacitor: Ok, let’s admit it; we can’t change the bad things that happened to us before no matter how we tried, it’s impossible. But, with this Doc Borwn’s cult classic DeLorean – Nifty Flux Capacitator from the movie Time Machine from Back to the Future, lets you travel back in time once again.  Maybe the word “regrets” won’t exist anymore.

Yellow Chevrolet Camora: Who doesn’t want a car that can transform into your personal robot; of course we’ve all wanted that! A 2 in 1 gadget that can bring you anywhere and at the same time that can protect you from all the harm just like Bumblebee from the movie Transformers. Isn’t it great?

Lightsaber: The best weapon of all time, the Lightsaber from the sci-fi movie Star Wars. This sword is used by the Jedis and the Sith. This cool movie gadget is incomplete without this one.

Teleporter: This teleporter can transport you to wherever you want to be, instantly! As used by Capt. Kirk in the movie Star Trek, teleporters eliminate the trouble out travel. Maybe someday, someone can bring this gadget into the real world. No more traffic and fare hike, yey!

Iron Man’s Suit: If you think, Superman and Wonder Women can only fly, well think again. The man behind of this cool and powerful suit, Tony Stark from the movie Iron Man, invented a modern version of his suit – it can fly plus with all the firepower possible. Maybe flying is much better than running, what do you think?

Hi-Tech Touch Screen: A computer + an interactive touch screen = A gadget made in heaven! This gadget is used by Tom Cruise in his movie Minority Report. Could this be the future of Microsoft and other technology provider? I supposed.

Cerebro: Developed by mutant scientist Dr. Hank McCoy along with Magneto, cerebro is used by Professor Xavier to spot mutant, a powerful machine for a great mind.

Remote Control: If only we could rewind, fast forward and pause time, life can be much easier to live in. Just like Adam Sandler does in the movie Click controlling life in one click of his remote.

Watch: Laser beams, internet access and satellite TV, all of these in a small piece of jewelry from the movie Spy Kids.

Deluminator: Used in the movie Harry Potter, this deluminator all known as put outer is pretty much a remote control that can switches off lights. 

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