Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Complicated World of Love Triangle's: Famous Korean Love Triangle of all Time

Every story wouldn’t be exciting without a love triangle. Well, I guess it’s already given. Whether it is a foreign movies or korean drama series, all of them have it.

Indeed, love will always be love and every individual will do everything for the sake of love, how sweet is that, huh? Just like these korean characters who will do anything just to protect the people that they love.

Boys Over Flower

Gu Jun Pyo – Geum Jan Di - Yoon Ji Hoo

After a long battle of agony, pain, and hurt, love will always prevail at the end. This was the cutest love triangle ever made. Come to think of it, Jan Di first fall in love with Ji Hoo which is the best friend of Jun Pyo but Ji Hoo is not in love with Jan Di because she has a girlfriend before and he still love her. Jan Di and Jun Pyo have a cat and dog relationship in the beginning but eventually they learn to fall in love as time passes by and so does Ji Hoo, he learn to love Jan Di as well. A complicated love yet it’s so pure. At the end, Jun Pyo and Jan Di still managed to keep their love alive despite of all the trials that they encountered along their way. Two Thumbs up!

Stairway to Heaven

Song Joo (Cholo) - Jung Suh (Jodie) – Han Tae Hwa

Their love story is the greatest among korean drama series that I watch, though the ending is very sad. Song Joo and Jung Suh’s love begins at their childhood days, surpassed the test of time (when Jung Suh lose her memory in an accident, they parted their ways and Han Tae Hwa took care of her because since they are young, he secretly love Jung Suh). Fate brought them back to each other’s arms but fate is also the reason why they departed forever.  Jung Suh died which is the saddest part of the story but Song Joo’s heart will always be with her. *Sniff*

Lie to Me 

Hyun Ki Joon – Gooh Ah Jung – Hyun Sang Hee

Their love story are like Jun Pyo and Jan Di. They hate each other and they can’t stand to be together in one place at first but in the long run, they found love in each other arms. Their love story is also very complicated. When Sang Hee falls in love with Ki Joon’s fiancĂ©e, the later part decided to call-off-their weeding because he can’t stand to see his brother hurting. Years passed, the history repeats itself. Sang Hee eventually fall for Ah Jung but she already loves Ki Joon. Will Ki Joon do the same thing as he did before or will he fight for the girl that he loves now? Go Ki Joon!

Lie to me is currently airing in the Philippines but if you want to see it first and relive the funny, complicated  and sweetest moments of Gu Jun Pyo – Geum Jan Di - Yoon Ji Hoo and Song Joo - Jung Suh – Han Tae Hwa, download and watch it at: 

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