Friday, June 15, 2012

Lie To Me: Another Koreanovela that will Take the Philippine TV by Storm

After Dong Yi’s Tv invasion, another korenovela will surely take another milestone to our Philippine televisions once more - Lie To Me.

Not unlike any other Korean drama that has already shown in the Philippines, Lie To Me is a light romantic comedy story about a woman who forced to marry a stranger and the trouble will follow after that.


Gong Ahjung (Yoon Eunhye) was trapped in a web of lies when she’s by mistake lies that she’s married to Hyun Ki Joon (Kang Jihwan), an elite President of World Group Hotel. Trouble arrives when Ki Joon ex-fiancĂ©e and a close friend of his brother, Oh Yoonjoo (Jo Yoonhee) comes up to the picture.

Meet The Main Characters of Lie To Me:

Gooh Ah Jung

A level 5 ministry of Culture official, a stubborn yet kind hearted person and went through a lot just to win the heart of her first love, that’s Gooh Ah Jung. She studied hard and passed the high official exam to become a government official but unfortunately after all her hard work, she was still rejected by her first love, so sad. L

Her life gets complicated when she mistakenly lied that she was already married just to keep her pride. Eventually, this lie causes her big trouble and without any intention, she falls in love with Hyun Ki Joon.

Hyun Ki Joon

Hyun Ki Joon is a rich and successful CEO of the World Group Hotel from an affluent family. He was one of the sought after executive and a certified bachelor in Korea. While searching for the woman that she will marry, he gets entangled in a marriage with a girl (Gooh Ah Jung) that he barely even knows. He despises this girl, but as days passes by Ki Joon become aware of the fact that he finally falls to this girl. J

Oh Yoon Joo

Oh Yoon Joo was engaged to Hyun Ki Joon but when Ki Joon finds out that his brother (Hyun Sang Hee) was madly in love to her finacee, he decided to call off their weeding.  Yoon Joo went to Paris and after 3 years she went back home to Korea. But she still has feelings for Ki Joon, so they decided to reignite their love again. Sadly, they guy is no longer in love with her. L

Hyun Sang Hee

Sang Hee is the brother of Ki Joon, a fun, full of life and a positive type of guy. He left for Spain after his brother decided to broke off his engagement to Yoon Jo. He returns from Spain after some time and finally meets Ah Jung and instantly falls for her. Oh no, not again.

That’s it! 

They are the characters that will make you smile, cry, and fall in love over and over again. Another must watch Korean programs. Two thumbs up for this. J

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