Tuesday, September 4, 2012

PSY: The Newest Addition to Island Def Jam Music Group

Finally, the rumored team up of kpop idol PSY and Island Def Jam Music Group (a music company that represents Justin Bieber, and other music icons such as JLO, Bon Jovi and Mariah Carey) has come to life!

Today, a spokesperson for PSY revealed that the newest youtube sensation, PSY himself made a contract with the said record label. The contract is about the copyright of PSY’s albums to be launch in all countries except for South Korea.

Furthermore, the original plan of PSY’s debut in Japan in October has already been changed in connection with the contract signing. PSY will soon have his debut in the US since his new agency asked him to. He will launch the viral song “Gangnam Style” as his first single and afterwards, he will promote it across US - such a great plan for a returning kpop idol.

On the other hand, PSY is still discussing about doing collaboration with Justin Bieber.  But Island Def Jam Music Group wants him to release his single first. Maybe one day the much awaited collaboration between JB and PSY will soon become a reality. So stay tune for more. 


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