Monday, September 24, 2012

Psy: How Famous Is He Now Part 2?

Gangnam Style fever still continued and so does Psy mania. If everyone is thinking that Psy had enough, well think again.

These photos will prove that Psy is really the man of the year as he hit the whole world by storm with his chart topper single and now holds Guinness World record for liked video in Youtube, Gangnam Style.

Psy with LMFAO member Redfoo

Redfoo tweeted a photo of himself alongside Psy on September 23rd with the caption “Hey sexy ladies! At @taolasvegas with @psy_oppa #yeeeaahbaby”.

Psy with Bon Jovi

Psy recently posted a picture of himself alongside world famous rock group vocalist Jon Bon Jovi

Psy with L.A Reid

After meeting L.A. Reid at the Ellen show, Psy instantly established a friendship with him.

Psy with Ellen De Generes

This photo took place when Ellen invited him over on her talk show for the second time around.

Psy with Usher

It started with a picture together then develops a great friendship. This is what happened to RNB singer 
Usher and Psy.

Want to see more of Psy and his new circle of friends? Visit now. 

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