Tuesday, September 4, 2012

G Dragon: The Newest Producer In The Kpop World

After his successful launching of his new solo album, G Dragon is rumored to be one of the main producers for YGE’s alleged new kpop girl group.

The new group is planning to make their first appearance this month with a song produced by GD.  This is his first time to act as a producer for any group or individual and it is already gaining much interest even before the girl group’s debut.

In fact, G Dragon already wrote few songs for this group and he also included one of the rumored members, Jennie Kim, in his newst MV entitled “That XX”.

Many are guessing that the new girl group is parallel to 2NE1, in terms of their capabilities and talents (singing, dancing, and rapping). Are they better than 2NE1? Is this the end of 2NE1?

As of to date, we have seen 5 members namely Kim Eun Bi, Euna Kim, Jennie Kim and the other two unnamed girls. There is no confirmation yet on how many members this new girl group will have. The YGE management is still holding their silence with this new group. Anticipation…Anticipation… Anticipation.

Take a glimpse on what this new girl group can do. Watch it below:

Check out the group members individual profile here: http://filebookph.blogspot.com/2012/08/the-next-2ne1-up-close-and-personal-to.html

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