Tuesday, September 25, 2012

10/30/2012: Goodbye Leeteuk

The date is confirmed! On October 30 2012, Kpop Super Junior member and leader Leeteuk will be enlisted in the army.

But before joining the military, Leeteuk expressed his feelings about it. He even uploaded a picture of himself on his official Twitter account with a caption that says, “This picture was taken when I was doing a promotional event for the movie Attack on the Pin-up Boys last 2008. This kind of hairstyle was the trend before. I’m just wondering, if this hairstyle would still fit me two years from now?” (He has brown hair with a pony tail on).

Most of his fans reacted to his tweet saying “I think you can still have that hairstyle two years after”. “Please take good care of yourself in the army. I want to see you wearing the same hairstyle again”. “I can feel his deep sadness”.

Leeteuk will receive 5 weeks of military training, and he will proceed for 21 months service in the army.

We will surely miss you Leeteuk!

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marisk said...

i will miss your camera stare and your sexy moves :'( stay strong and come back like you left :) we will wait for you and pray that you will be oke :) Allot of LOVE from the netherlands to you leeteuk oppa