Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Kpop Group T-ARA In The Midst Of Humiliation

If you think that Kpop group T-ara is already out of controversies, well think again.

During their first public stage comeback dated last September 8th, the group was invited to be part of a concert held at Jeju Island for the celebration of the opening of the 2012 World Conservation Congress. And during their performance, the group members were humiliated by the audience. They were given a cold welcome by turning off their glow sticks and discontinued applauding.

Since their bullying controversy happened not so long ago, T-ara’s Jeju Island show was their first face-to-face encountered with the public again. The audience condemned and jeered at them. The moment that the group started to perform, the audience stayed quiet the whole time and after their performance, the audience began screaming “Hwayoung”.

After exiting the stage, the group members thank the audience. 

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