Thursday, September 27, 2012

2NE1 Dara Shows Appreciation in Fan's Gift

On the September 25, 2NE1‘s Dara uploaded a photo of herself holding a guitar on her me2day.

She posted, “I’m trying to play the practice song that I just started learning using the uber cute ‘Dara guitar strap’ that fans made me when I went to LA. I learned only two parts, but it’s hard. It’s hard this time too. When will I become the ‘Hongdae Goddess’ at this rate? Keke. I’ll try hard to learn though~ ^_^ Ssan-coustic fighting! [Strum, strum~] Dara has rented out [Park Bom]-Minzy‘s dorm living room. Am I playing the guitar melodiously at someone else’s house? It might seem like it, but the reality is that I’m just making noise.”

You can see in the photo that Dara is playing a guitar that has a design of 2NE1 on it and a strap with with her name written on it.

The fans who saw her post responded, “Unnie you're so pretty.“, “She's very sweet to her fans.“, ”The mood is very serious.“, and “It’s not noise! Even if it is noise, I’m prepared to listen.“.

Download 2NE1's song and sing along with Dara. Click this link!

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