Thursday, September 13, 2012

Seungri’s Naked Body Revealed!

After staying in Japan for quite some time now, Big Bang member Seungri is amidst in a sex scandal.

A Japanese tabloid magazine, “Friday”, issued a story for its latest released with a scandalous title, “Famous Hallyu Idol Group Big Bang’s Seungri’s Bed Photos Leaked’, and exposed pictures of a sleeping man who they alleged is Seungri.

The said magazine company accounted that these intriguing photos were taken by a woman to whom she spent a night with. Furthermore, they also stated that the woman who slept with him shared, Seungri has the inclination of choking at some point in sexual interaction" and added, “he didn’t bother to kiss me at least once”, and the worst part, the magazine stated “Seungri ejaculated on her stomach and he didn’t care to help her wipe it off, and he just threw a towel instead".

After learning Seungri’s rumor sex scandal with these pictures spreading like fire all over the internet, fans have been sharing their own views in regards to this scandal. But most of them don’t believe this.

YGE is now investigating about this scandalous issue. Let’s hope that this is not true at all.

Take a look at Seungri’s picture below:

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