Friday, May 24, 2013

Finally it's here! CL's 'Bad Girl' is out!

“Bad Girl” doesn’t literally signifies her, it’s just the first solo album of CL!

You got it right, yesterday, CL’s new single has been revealed through the internet on various teaser photos and videos. The title “Bad Girl” could be a creative name for CL’s astonishing performance and her long time training, thus gaining her nickname as ‘the baddest girl’ over the stage.

Molded for over 5 years since her debut in the girl group 2NE1, CL has gained enough experience to venture solo. Entering her chosen career at a young age, CL has now fulfilled one of her dreams of becoming a famous female rapper and singer.

To make it even more pleasing to fans, CL even flew over to Japan to have dance training. She also talked to fashion gurus and music video specialists, just to achieve an almost perfect performance.

According to YG Entertainment, CL’s new single is a fresh hip-hop with slow beat, mixed with CL’s rapping style.

Let’s watch out over for the song!

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