Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Now it has been revealed: CL on “The Baddest Female” music video

The song in the music video below is entitled 나쁜 기집애 (THE BADDEST FEMALE) which was composed by CL and Teddy.

A slow dubstep style beat of the song with CL’s rapping is a fresh trend and new to the ears. CL’s voice makes it more powerful and CL’s different characters in the music video shows the comfortable and true CL. You can see how she enjoys the whole video, with the smiles, daring looks and powerful moves.

“This is for all my bad girls around the world, not bad, mini bad, but bad mini good you know. Just light it up and let it burn like we don’t care. Let ‘em know how it feels damn good to be BAD.”
(excerpt from her song)

YG Entertainment stated that, “You will be able to understand the meaning of what CL has been describing as “bad” for years when the beat stops after you have been mesmerized by CL’s rapping.”

“Please pay attention to whether she is simply talking about bad girls or if she is talking about transformed women in a changed society,” they added.

Let's watch CL's latest music video.

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