Monday, May 27, 2013

Jeon Woo Chi (전우치)

Also known as Woochi and Jeon Woo Chi: The Taoist Wizard, this is a 2009 fantasy movie circling in the adventures of a wizard named Jeon Woo Chi. Selling over six million admissions or over 39 million USD, this folktale movie was budgeted over 12 million USD for its special effects and action scenes.

The Plot
Kang Dong-won played the lead role as Woochi, the wizard from Pyongyang from the era of the Joseon Dynasty; who has much yet to learn from his Master (Baek Yoon-sik). Along with him always was his dog Chorangyi (Yoo Hae-jin). Witty Woochi would make nonsense acts of wizardry and pranks around the town just to be known as the greatest, even mocking the King of giving away his wealth for the poor and stealing something from his treasures.

When an old prophecy was coming forth, three Taoist wizards seek help on Hwadam and Woochi’s Master to guard The Pipe, which the goblins eagerly want to posses. Once at hand, The Pipe can give enormous powers and can manipulate all goblins. The Pipe was divided into two with Master and Hwadam (Kim Yoon-seok), but Hwadam unknowingly hides a dark secret. One day, Woochi finds his Master murdered and he was punished to be locked inside a scroll forever along with Chorangyi.

After how many years, the present time in Seoul, the three Taoist wizards were living in harmony, until the goblins return and seeking for The Pipe. The Taoist wizards thought that the great Hwadam had passed away long time ago, so their only hope on sealing the goblins away was Woochi. They brought back Woochi and Chorangyi on the present time, just when Hwadam appeared again with the hidden agenda of possessing The Pipe. With Woochi knowing the real truth and mastering his true powers, without using talismans, he begins a battle with Hwadam with now on his side, the three Taoist wizards, the reincarnated Arch god and his trusted but sometimes dumb buddy, Chorangyi.

Why watch it?
It is entertaining! No dull scenes, full of thrilling fits and hilarious antics. You may find it the same with some other fantasy-old era set-action movies, but from the beginning, you’ll get entertained as the lead actor plays character is of a child, foolish and innocent, but with a pure heart and determination.

They didn’t focus on the love story, but the character of Woochi that his Master wanted him to realize even before. True power comes not of possessing things but of emptying ones soul.

As the film ended, the fallen Arch god is now in the form of a lady working in an entertainment industry, with the Taoist wizards, Woochi and Chorangyi.

This movie recommended to everybody. No foul words; some action scenes and bloodsheds but tolerable; funny scenes; some scenes are bullyragging somebody, so better to explain to the young ones.

Overall, really fun and entertaining! Happy watching!

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