Friday, May 17, 2013

Something to watch about Kim Soo-hyun

The man of The Moon Embracing the Sun, Dream High 1 and 2, Giant and the movie The Thieves is back for another certainly must-watch movie.

In his new movie opening this June, better brace yourself for another fun, suspense and action in his movie “Secretly, Greatly”

The story goes as Won Ryu-hwan (Kim Soo-hyun), one of the North Korean special elite forces called 5446 Corps, is assigned to go to South Korea and disguise himself as a fool.

The story may take like “Johnny English” or “Get Smart” theme but Kim Soo-hyun surely knows how to portray such role.

Along with him were two more disguised agents, an aspiring rock star Ri Hae-rang (Park Ki-woong, Bridal Mask, Me Too Flower) and a high school student Ri Hae-jin (Lee Hyun-woo, To the Beautiful You). Thrown out in a slum part of Seoul, the three were waiting for orders from their superior as they got used living the low and ordinary life. Until the day their fate will change. They will die for honor and they may have live without an identity but they will die as a legend.

Better watch for this amazing movie “Secretly, Greatly” this June. Watch the English sub trailer below.

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