Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Yoon Eun Hye's fashion in her new series 'Missing You'

Actress Yoon Eun Hye has become a fashion icon on almost all ladies. She managed to come up with different styles and carry them elegantly. She made a boy-cut hair on the Korean drama series 'Coffee Prince', which still looks great on her. Also the bobbed type look on her rom-com drama 'My Fair Lady', which also showed some classy fashion looks because she was a rich girl on the said series.


On the Korean drama series 'Lie to Me' with Kang Ji Hwan, her hair was at first long with full bangs but later she cut it to shorter.

Now, in her latest drama series 'Missing You', Eun Hye is appearing with her shaggy hairstyle. In this melodrama, she plays the role of Soo Yeon, an elegant fashion designer that came from abroad. Cool winter clothes are mostly seen because most of the scene are during winter.

The style was said to best during the winter or cold season. It is dyed with brownish hair color evened with some bangs. It gives a casual and smart look, especially when styled like perm or curls. It can also be tied back in different ways.

Also, I think Eun Hye love those nail arts and pink lipstick, as might expected, her role is a fashion guru in the drama. Kkk~

Take a look at her fashion styles on the drama 'Missing You'.

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