Thursday, May 16, 2013

CL is now working it solo

The 2NE1 leader is having a comeback alone. Yes, without the tag name 2NE1, nothing but ‘CL’ herself.
YG Entertainment has been planning this and screening all their artists on who would come up best in doing a solo album, and the deserving CL is now on her first.

A poster was revealed showing the date “2013.05.28” with the initial CL, pertaining to CL of 2NE1. This may be the date of the releasing of the song and music video.

CL has been renowned by her talents in dancing, rapping and as well singing, ever since her debut in 2NE1 last 2009. Now, fans want more of CL and get excited with her upcoming solo songs.

Good luck to CL and to her upcoming endeavors. Black Jacks and CL fans, brace yourselves for the new CL!

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