Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Top Korean Horror Movies of All Time

A woman’s rage is the one feared the most. Maybe that is why directors and writers chose a female ghost to their films. Creative minds had their synopsis as a woman that seeks for revenge, when somewhere in the past they could have suffered maltreatments. To viewers, a woman with a pale white face, long hair and creepy eyes depicts a more realistic and scary image of a ghost. And the truth is that their shivering faces stay on our minds even when we close our eyes. Scary isn’t it?

For the horror and suspense film enthusiasts, here are some of the top Korean movies you’ll surely be watching!

1) A Tale of Two Sisters (2003)
 -Im Soo-jung
-Moon Geun Young

This movie is about two sisters Su-mi and Su-yeon. When brought home from a psychiatrist, strange events began to occur more often. Their father and step-mother starts to question why these events happen. A girl under the kitchen sink; their pet bird was found dead and the sisters are acting strangely? Is there really a ghost that haunts or just their imagination consuming them?

2) Doll Master (2004)
 -Lim Eun-kyeong
-Kim Yu-Mi

 A group of strangers came into a gallery of dolls found in the middle of the forest. The gallery was hosted by Mr. Choi and the paraplegic doll maker Jae-won. During their stay, they heard strange noises at night and oblivious to them the dolls seem to be alive and watching them.

3) The Wig (2005)
 -Chae Min-seo

Su-hyeon is suffering from cancer and became bald, but her loving sister, Ji-hyeon, is always there to support her. Ji-hyeon was mute after a car accident that ruined her throat. One day, Ji-hyeon brought a wig so that Su-hyeon can go outside and enjoy more of her life. Like a miracle, Su-hyeon became more lively and energetic, but not knowing to anybody, the wig was cursed. When things got worse, the sisters started fighting and end up losing each other.

4) Arang (2006)
 -Song Yun-ah
-Kim Hae-in

Detective So-young and her partner Hyun-gi, tries to solve a murder case in a salt storehouse which is found to be related to a mysterious death of a girl 10 years ago. As the investigation goes, So-young found out that her partner Hyun-gi, the girl who died 10 years ago and the murder cases in the salt storehouse were connected. The spirit of the girl was full of resentment and though dead for a long time she came back to revenge.

A myth was said to relate to the movie, the Legend of Arang, 400 years ago. She was the daughter of a magistrate, and was violated and killed and her spirit starts to haunt the village. Until one man came and promised to help her find the real culprit and her soul did not trouble anymore.

5) The Cat (2011)
 -Park Min-Young 

At a pet shop, So-Yeon works as a groomer. One day a woman came with her cat named Bidanyi and the next day the woman was found dead beside her cat. She agrees to take care of the cat but So-Yeon starts to have nightmares and her close friend was found dead too. Out of confusion she will try to unveil the truth about her new adopted cat.

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