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The King of All King: Kim Tak Goo “The Baker King”

The King of Baking, Kim Takgu also known as The Baker King was one of the successful Korean drama series aired in the Philippines. The story revolves around the life of Kim Tak Goo, the eldest son of the president of Samhwa Enterprise Goo II Joong.


Kim Tak Goo is a simple person with a big dream, to become famous in the baking industry just like his father. He is the eldest son of Goo II Joong to Kim Misun (mother of Tak Goo) which is his mistress. Due to loathing and envious to Kim Tak Goo, the chairman’s wife Insok, made his life miserable. Worst, she planned to rob Tak Goo’s mother just to get rid of him.

After his mother was kidnapped, Takgu decided to leave his home to look for his mother because his mother is very dear to him. He spends 12 years looking for her. With his journey to find his mother, he entered a baking school of Pal Bong (a legend in the baking industry, just like his father and who happens to be the teacher of his father).

At the baking school, Takgu found the man who kidnapped his mother, but he tells that his mother is already dead. After knowing that his mother is already dead, he continued his life in the bakery and become skilled in making bread.

On the other hand, Majun, Takgu’s half brother is also at the same school. He wants to learn the art of making bread to get his father’s approval to take over their family business. But, Takgu is not aware of it since his half brother never reveals his true identity to them.

On the later part of the story, it is revealed that Takgu’s mother is not dead, and she is also looking for his son as well. The president also spent some years looking for his eldest son, eventually learned that he is living in the bakery where he first master the art of making bread and he was so angry to Majun because he hide the truth from him.

Takgu reunited to his mother again. However, it is not yet the end of the story. Insok and her lover Han (the President assistant), made another dark planned to kill Takgu and to make sure that Majun will take the position of his father as the president of their company. Unfortunately, they failed with their planned and Han goes to prison. And at the end, as the saying goes “the characters live happily ever after”.

Point of View:

I love the character of Takgu. He’s like a typical person who never fails to dream and always think positive. He will do anything to make his dream come true whatever it takes. Despite of the trials and hardships that he encountered on his journey, he never failed to smile. Also, I love the way he love his mother and he never let anger stay on his heart which makes him a better person, from my point of view.

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