Monday, July 16, 2012

T.O.P: Up Close And Personal

This K-pop singer is one of the most in demand artist in Korea nowadays. A lead rapper of the Korean group Big Bang, a recording artist and actor, who am I talking about? None other than T.O.P or Choi Seung-hyun in real life.

Born and raised in South Korea, T.O.P managed to climb the ladder of success with his natural talent in music and as well as with his acting. Let’s get to know him a little deeper with these interesting facts about his life.
  • He started as an underground rappers as Tempo.
  • He decided to get into the music world because was inspired by Notorious BIG (rapper).
  • He won a rap battle in 2003.
  • Before he become the member of BigBang, he was denied by YG Entertainment because his too chubby at that time and he do his best to lose weight (20 kg.) within 40 days.
  • In 2007, TOP made his debut with BigBang and released his solo album in the same year.
  • He is the childhood friend of G-Dragon. Actually they were neighborhood friend’s way back middle school.
  • Aside from singing and rapping, he also appeared on some korean drama series like I’ am Sam, Iris and Korean movie Into the Fire.
  • He love color pink.
  • He once accused that he undergone plastic surgeries because his face is different now compared before.
  • In 2011, he won the cover of 1st Look Magazine.
  • TOP will star in the upcoming korean action movie “Alumni” alongside Jo Sung Ha.

Collaboration albums and Singles

  1. GD & TOP and Play with GD & TOP (with G-Dragon)
  2. “Big Boy” (Solo)
  3. Friend (with Taeyang)
  4. Act Like Nothing’s Wrong (with Kim Jieun)
  5. Hallelujah (with G-Dragon and Taeyang)
  6. Turn It Up
  7. Because
  8. Of All Days
  9. Oh Mom

  1. Story of Men (2008)
  2. Nineteen (2009)
  3. 71: Into the Fire (2010)
  4. Iris: The Last (2011)
  5. Alumni (2012)

Korean TV Series
  1. I’am Sam (2007)
  2. Show! Music Core (2008)
  3. Family Outing (2009)
  4. Iris (2009)
  5. Running Man (2012)

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