Thursday, July 12, 2012

Up, Up and Way! Super Junior in the Midst of Fame

If you are a true fanatic of k-pop songs, I’m 100% sure that you know these songs; Sorry, Sorry and Bonamana. And who are the people behind these famous songs? No other than Super Junior!

Honestly speaking, I’m not a fan of any Korean group since the Philippines begun to go crazy over Korean movies, k-pop songs and Koreanovela. But when I heard Sorry, Sorry, I started to fell in love with the song and of course with the group Super Junior.

For all Super Junior fanatics, here are some interesting trivia about your favorite korean k-pop group.
  • Super Junior was formed in 2005 and the original group composed of 12 members. They added one member in 2006.
  • The name of the group is supposed to be called “O.V.E.R” (Obey the Voice for Each Rhythm). But their company decided to call them “Super Junior 5” (it represents the members young ages when they first start as trainees for SM Entertainment).
  • In 2005, the group officially launched on SBS’s music show “Popular Song”.
  • Super Junior is divided into sub groups namely Super Junior K.R.Y (Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Yesung), Super Junior-T (Leeteuk, Heechul, Kangin, Sungmin, Shindong, and Eunhyuk), Super Junior-M (Han Geng, Siwon, Donghae, Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Henry and Zhou Mi) and Super Junior Donghae and Eunhyuk (Donghae and Eunhyuk).
  • Sorry, Sorry is their third studio album and it was released on March of 2009. It became the best selling album of 2009 in South Korea.
  • In the midst of their success, the group undergoes trials and legal havoc.  Kibum decided to pursue his acting career and temporary leave his group. Kangin is charged with a DUI and hit-and-run. Han Geng submitted a termination of his contract from his company (SM Entertainment) due to his belief that the provisions of his contract with the management were against his rights.
  • Despite of these trials and with only 10 members left, the group launched their 4th studio album “Bonamana” in 2010.
  • Super Junior released their fifth album “Mr. Simple” last year, 2011.
  • The group’s 6th album “Sexy, Free & Single” has been recently released online. And the good news is that Kangin reunited to the group again and he is included in this album.

Original Super Junior Members:

Park Jungsu a.ka. Leetuk
Kim Heechul a.k.a Heechul
Han Geng a.k.a Han Geng
Kim Jongwoon a.k.a Yesung
Kim Youngwoon a.k.a Kang-in
Shin Donghee a.k.a Shindong
Lee Sungmin a.k.a Sungmin
Lee Hyukjae a.k.a Eunhyuk
Lee Donghae a.k.a Donghae
Choi Siwon a.k.a Siwon
Kim Kibum a.k.a Kibum
Cho Kyuhyun a.k.a Kyuhyun

Super Junior-M

Henry Lau a.k.a Henry Lau
Zhou Mi a.k.a Zhou Mi

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