Monday, July 30, 2012

T-ara’s Hwayoung is Out!

The famous Kpop girl group T-ara is suffering the worst scandal today.

Rumors and speculations have been posted throughout the internet about T-ara’s Hwayoung being bullied by other T-ara members. Why is that so? What is happening to them?

There has been an event that Hwayoung got injured in the leg in their performance on SBS Inkigayo last July 22 and she wasn’t able to perform in their Budoken Concerts in Japan last July 25 to 26.

Eun Jung tweeted last July 25 saying “Like how the location creates a person, a person’s will also does the same. Sigh. It’s so unfortunate. You have to know how to take care of the people around you.”

Since then, controversial tweets were seen and it talks about ‘will’, ‘respect’, ‘difference’, ‘common sense’ and other stuff, more like of pertaining to Hwayoung’s incompetence.

In addition to that, many photos and camera snapshot relating to the bullying scandal where posted, like Eun Jung trying to feed Hwayoung a whole rice cake on a Japanese broadcast and another scene where Hyomin poked Hwayoung’s eyes while lifting her arm. Isn’t it too much for the T-ara members?

What’s happening behind the scandal is a question to every netizens and T-ara fans and a possible out casting of Hwayoung in the group became a rumor. But every problem should be resolved no matter what.

And so the representative of the Core Contents Media, Kim Kwang Soo, stated that, “After I return from this business trip in Japan, I will make an announcement about T-ara on the 30th”, for things to be cleared.

Finally the long wait is over. As of this day, Hwayoung is no longer part of the T-ara group. How unfortunate. 

Bye Bye Hwayoung :'(

Before this controversy happen, t-ara recently released their first Japanese album entitled "Jewelry Box". To relive again their moment as a group, you can download their music videos and songs at

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