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G-Dragon 101 – All About G-Dragon

Kwon Ji Yong, famously known as G-Dragon is a multi talented K-pop artist in today’s generation. Born and raised in South Korea in August 18, 1988, he was the lead singer of the well-known Korean band Big Bang.  With his exceptional talent, certainly he can reach the ladder of success with ease.

Bio 101

- Ji Yong began his career as a singer at the age of eight. He was part of the group little Roora. Unfortunately, the contract was ended by their record company.

- At the age of 12, he began taking classes in rapping because he was inspired by the American rap group Wu-Tang Clan.

- When he was 14, Kwon was introduced to YG Corporation by Sean (member of the hip hop duo Jinusean). He spent his first year cleaning the whole studio and act as a “water boy” whenever there is a dance rehearsal (humble beginning).

- After 6 years of training, in 2006 G-Dragon made his official debut as the lead vocalist of the group Big Bang with Dong Youngbae (Taeyang) along with the other three members.

- As being the most fashionable amongst his fellow members,  G-Dragon made a great impact to the fashion world in South Korea which earned him awards like “Most Influential Men of 2008” and “Style Icon of 2008”. He was called “fashionista” by Kang Dong Wan (fashion icon).

- Later on, Ji Yong decided to make some several solo appearances and released his debut solo album after helping his co-member Taeayang released his own.

Trivia 101

- G-Dragon derives from his real name” Ji Yong” (Ji sounds like G and Yong means Dragon).
He has two tattoos (one on his right inner arms “vita dolce” and on his left “moderato”).

- Kangin from Super Junior is Kwon’s childhood friend.

- He was reported “positive” for smoking marijuana.  Luckily he was not charged by the law since the results indicated a very small amount of marijuana which is a first offense only.

- Ji Yong made some collaboration albums with his co-group member T.O.P in 2010.
He made a studio album in 2009 with a title “Heartbreaker” and he will make another one this year.

- His first live album is “Shine a Light” released last 2010.


(2007) Music Arrangement (Lies) : Mnet KM Music Festival
(2009) Song of the month (September) for “Heartbreaker”: 38th Cyworld Digital Music Awards
(2009) Best Album of the Year for “Heartbreaker”: Mnet Asian Music Awards
(2009) Album of the Year for “Heartbreaker”: Melon Music Awards
(2009) Top 10: melon Music Awards
(2010) Ting’s Choice Awards: Cyworld Digital Music Awards
(2010) Bongsang Award: Cyworld Digital Music Awards
(2010) Best Collaboration Video for “Rain is Fallin”: MTV Video Music Awards Japan

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