Saturday, August 10, 2013

Lee Seung Chul’s part in a very romantic proposal

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South Korean singer and was once part of a rock band in the 90’s, Lee Seung Chul, is an artist that made record hits in Asia.

In his 7th album The Livelong Day, Lee Seung Chul won the best male singer in the Korean Music Awards 2005. Recently this year he released his album entitled “My Love” and made a very memorable music video.

Aired last June, Lee Sueng Chul, various artists and dancers and the 30-year old groom-to-be made a perfect plan for a perfect proposal.

Unknowingly, the girl sits in a restaurant and then later gets shocked by series of events, as the artist in the restaurant sang and danced leading her to the man behind it.

The girl was shocked when she saw Lee Seung Chul but dropped her heart out when she saw her fiancé. Was the song perfectly made for their proposal or was it mere coincidence?

A staff member said, “As the music video had to be filmed with one take, it was only possible after a countless number of rehearsals and much concentration.”

The music video rehearsals took over 12 hours with 31 different cameras, 50 actors, 40 members of the orchestra, and seven people from Lee Seung Chul’s band.

See below the music video (*slash) real proposal of the romantic pop song “My Love” 


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