Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ha Jung Woo and Sulli alike?

Actor Ha Jung Woo (The Berlin File, 2013; Nameless Gangster, 2012; The Yellow Sea, 2010) and f(x)’s Sulli Choi, garnered much attention because of their similar facial features. 

In an online community board, the image above is seen, with the title, Ha Jung Woo is Sulli’s look alike”.

Netizens were surprised to see their resemblance, especially when Sulli is with her short hair. In the images Sulli is a bit younger and so is Ha Jung Woo, and their same facial reactions are put aside. They say, Sulli is the female version and Ha Jung Woo is the male version.

Netizens also commented and agreed saying, “Sulli may feel it’s unfair, but they do look alike”.


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