Thursday, August 1, 2013

Half Billion Views for Psy's "Gentleman" MV

Since its release last April 2013, Psy music video for the song Gentleman reached over a half billion views in the largest video storage site Youtube.

The song is now ranked in the number 10th spot on the Youtube chart as ‘The Most Viewed Videos in the World’. His previous music video for the song Gangnam Style is actually at the number 1 spot.

Though it’s hype is not as much as  Psy’s first song and music video, still it set the record as the second viral video to reach 500 million mark in just 3 months.

Jennifer Lopez’s On the Floor and Justin Beibers’ Baby music videos took a year before it reached the half billion mark.

Meanwhile, Korean rapper/singer is now busy in Los Angeles, working hard for his next album. Psy also visited the LA Dodger’s stadium to watch the first game between Ryu Hyun jin and Choo Shin soo.


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