Monday, August 12, 2013

Sung Shi Kyung thought that most kpop stars date in real life after an onscreen affair

Sung Shi Kyung revealed that most lead actors and actresses actually date together after their onscreen love affairs.

Sung Shi Kyung is South Korea’s great balladeer and the one man that sang romantic soundtracks of Korean dramas like Spring Waltz, Worlds Within, Queen of Reversals, Secret Garden, Lie to Me, A Thousand Days Promise and Ohlala Couple.

In the filming KBS 2TV's '1N2D', he recalled his once onscreen partner Moon Chae Won (The Innocent Man, The Princess’ Man), who was a rookie that time, when she played as his lover in a music video. They had romantic scenes and a kissing scene in the "Goodbye One More Time" MV.

He said, "It is inevitable that the lead stars of a drama form feelings for each other. I can say that 89% of the single ones have experience dating each other."

Moon Chae Won who won in the KBS Drama Awards for Top Excellence Award as an Actress in her dramas The Innocent Man/Nice Guy and The Princess’Man where she plays the lead role. Meanwhile, she currently in the recently aired drama "Good Doctor". Click here to know watch the drama.

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