Monday, August 5, 2013

F(x) member's Ideal Men Revealed

On a TV guesting with MBC Standard FM’s “Shindong’s Shimshimtapa”, f(x) members revealed of what their ideal man should look.

Krystal’s thought of a relatively simple ideal guy, saying, “someone that looks good in horn-rimmed glasses, a white shirt, jeans and black hair while being funny and having their own distinct fragrance.”

Victoria, on the other hand, described in details “that one should be tall, not a smoker, clean and look nice in white” with additional demands, “that he has a reasonably tall nose bridge with big hands. A man that looks manly. They don’t have to be too handsome but they should have their own distinct fragrance and have pretty muscular lines.”

Luna’s ideal type is a man with “brown tinged skin, thick lips, looks good in trainers, straight hair and with fine muscular lines.”

Last is Sulli that described his ideal man as someone “dependable, that doesn’t act cute a lot and listens to everything I say. It would be nice if they were always in the same place and that they should be a man with a straight hair, tidy clothing, sexy, and a dignified and open mind.” Well unfortunately, Amber was not in the interview, so we wonder what’s her ideal lover would be?

MC Shin Dong was gladly impressed by their answers and said that “ideal types are just ideal types, none of this matters when you’re really dating.”

The girls also revealed before how was their first love like. Sulli stated before that she haven’t experience first love yet, and to Amber, it’s a bit out of her yet and to Luna, first love is like “sparks fly”. See here for more.

They may have different views on love but for sure they are waiting for the right one to come that will love them earnestly.

Busy in promoting their comeback track entitled Rum Pum PumPum,” the girls are sure to be shown on TV and radio shows.

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