Wednesday, August 7, 2013

2NE1 with their swimsuits on

2NE1 girls are now taking off their clothes for the summer season. In their music video teasers, the girls pose with their sexy swimming suits on.

First are CL and Park Bom, where they made fans screaming as they flaunt their sexy bodies in the camera.
With Park Bom’s Intagram, she made a whole body photo of herself in a sexy neon swimsuit. Her body that shows sexiness and glamour made netizens and the Blackjacks their favorite.

Though CL is showing much skin on her music videos, stage performance and others, still fans were amazed how CL showed off her toned figures.

Next was Minzy, with her whole body photo too. Minzy is wearing a two piece with net shirt on top. Still, Minzy has that cuteness whatever she wears.

And for Dara, why is she hiding behind those soft play balls?

Well many maybe wondering how is Sandara in a swimsuit, but she said in an interview:

[CutieDaraOfTheTeam] Hello. While the other members were in sexy bathing suits and being all sexy in a pool in Jejudo, i wanted to wear a Pororo diving suit but decided it would be suffocating and but on some cute clothes and had fun playing alone with a tube and a whale…why didnt i wear a bathing suit? Because…with BigPark on Double Park Radio…rite rite!!! Its the reason you’re thinking of.

Dara also stated before that she doesn't want to be daring because many Blackjack fans are young and maybe she is just taking care of her wholesome image.

Watch out for their upcoming music video for "Do YouLove Me" will be released on August 7.


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