Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Do You Know your Big Bang members’ favorite song?

Big Bang leader, G-Dragon’s choice is “What is Right” which I don't really know why, but I love the song though

Daesung’s favorite is “CafĂ©” where his solo part is really mesmerizing

TOP hyung loves the song “Tonight” of their 4th mini-album in 2011 with the same name, maybe because of it's upbeat tune and the beauty of Las Vegas

The soul singer Taeyang, favors the song “A Fool’s Only Tears” from their 2007 debut studio album BigBang Vol. 1

I am not so sure, but to maknae Seungri, this song definitely is about him. In an interview, Big Bang’s youngest member confessed of his past about a girl who told lies to him. “Because I knew she was just waiting for me to break up with her, I felt angry and miserable. I poured all the hurt I received and anger I felt into this song”, he said.

Featuring Jennie Kim, Suengri’s mini album for 2011 includes the song “GG BE”

Well, whatever they chose, I’m sure they put all the efforts and their passion over all of their discography as well as their solo albums. Maybe the songs just relate to them or make them feel happy. What about you? What’s your favorite Big Bang song?

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