Friday, August 2, 2013

Actor and actress of dramas 'The Great Seer' and 'I Hear Your Voice', to be tying their knot

Actress Lee Bo Young of the high rating drama series “I HearYour Voice” will be tying knots with her long time partner, Ji Sung, the lead character of also top rating dramas, "The Great Seer" and "Protect the Boss".

After the finale of the said drama, Lee Bo Young announced the news in her fan café, writing, "I will tie the knot on September 27th. You will congratulate me a lot right?... I was originally going to announce it in June and take time to prepare for [the wedding], but after coming across the good production I couldn't let slip by me, I have ended up preparing for [the wedding] last minute."

Not only her, but also Ji Sung, said the same good news for them. "I'm standing at the beginning point of a new start to create a family. This feeling of nervousness and excitement, not just me but everyone who is about to get married probably feels like this too right? Even writing these few words is shaking me up so much so that I keep crumpling up the paper. My heart is nervous and excited."

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