Thursday, July 18, 2013

FT Island’s song and concert success

Ft Island’s song “Shiawaseori,” reached the top in the Japan’s K-Pop Asia Daily Chart of Recochocu.

Shiawaseori, that means ‘Theory of Happiness’ became an ending theme for an animated film. The song depicts a regret of not letting oneself being happy. In the music video, the music video is shot in a beautiful scenario on a cliff near a sea shore.

The group is finishing up their major arena Japanese tour “FTISLAND Arena Tour 2013 ~ FREEDOM ~” with 11 performances at 7 major venues.

A total of 100, 000 audiences where jamming with the band. On the 24th of July, an 11th single will be release and they will also perform at Japan’s Mezamashi Live music festival. Their 11th Japanese single has tie-in as the ending theme song for the first movie from anime Toriko.


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