Thursday, July 4, 2013

Taeyang shone on the Paris Fashion Week 2013

One of the ‘big four’ in the fashion capitals of the world, Paris held the Fashion Week 2013, where Big Bang member Taeyang (Sol) went at the Paris Men’s (26th-30th June) and Haute Couture (1st-4th July) Fashion Week 2013.

Givenchy, a famous brand of men’s clothes, posted an article of Taeyang wearing their clothes.

Taeyang was notified by not just K-pop fans but also famous fashion magazines and websites.

In the Vogue Magazine’s website, Taeyang was also seen on their gallery of photos for the street fashion category. Also, an Italian website Grazia, they gave emphasis to Taeyang’s male jewelry and style.

Wow! Those are big names in the fashion industry! G-Dragon was in the same event last year and this 2013, it’s Young-bae’s turn to shine!


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