Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Super Junior's Kim Kibum on 'Lucky Tempo'

One of Super Junior's cutest member Kim Kibum is a little bit busy with his filming of an upcoming Chinese drama Lucky Tempo.

The drama is held on the time of Ming Dynasty. In the image above, the characters are dressed with the periodic era and singer/actor Kim Kibum is earnestly embracing the Chinese actress Chen Yu Lin.

Netizens’ curiosities are now settled, saying, “When will it air?”“Was wondering what Kim Kibum was up to, so he is actually filming a drama in China.”

Kim Kibum will be the lead character Zhu Tian Bao, who is the youngest son of King Jianxing in the series. Last year, Kim Kibum also stars on the Korean TV series I Love Kim Tae-ri where he is paired with the famous actress Park Ye-jin, which is older than him.


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