Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Onew on a comic role

Onew wears a blue sweat suit that makes him really look like an unemployed youth. But still his charming face can’t be resisted. 

Shinee’s Onew will be venturing in a new genre, acting and comedy. For the first time on the singer, Onew will be part of the first episode of JTBC’s Sitcon Royal VillaLiving with a Ghost.”

“I’m nervous because this is my first time to try comedy, but I’ll do my best and I hope that concentration and effort will lead to success,” Onew explained.

Onew plays a jobless young man living in an apartment with co-stars Lee Byung Jin and Oh Cho Hee. He will showcase his comic antics and talent to entertain the audience. Fans are anticipating and excited to see their Onew on the small screen.

Sitcon Royal Villa is a sitcom and contemporary drama that portrays different average people that are living their lives in the low-rise building named Royal Villa. The first episode will be next week July 15.
Let’s watch out for it.


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