Wednesday, July 24, 2013

One Direction’s Music Video “Best Song Ever” starring B.A.P.

Heard the latest from One Direction?

One Direction has a new released song, “Best Song Ever” and in the music video shows a short portion of the Korean boy group B.A.P.

In the music video, the British boy group faces their manager where they would talk about making changes with the boys, including the styles and music. But the boys refused and wanted to stay as they are.

The funny thing is that the boys played in two roles. The boy group One Direction and as the Studio Executives (played by Niall and Louis), the sexy Assistant (played by Zayn), the marketing guy (played by Harry) and the choreographer (played by Liam).

In the video, while the marketing guy is showing his options on what would be the boys’ styles, B.A.P.’s photo of their debut song “Warrior” is shown. They wore red suits with blond hair. But B.A.P. consists of six members, so it was photoshopped into five persons only, cutting off maknae Zelo, and replaced One Direction’s faces. They also turned a bit of the color into fuchsia.

Netizens were amazed and twitted with the hashtag #StayStrongZelo, to make fun of B.A.P.'s photo appearance.

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