Monday, July 1, 2013

"Falling in Love" image teaser

On the YG Life website, a large banner is shown where 2NE1 logo, some dates and bright purple and palm trees background are seen. Hmmm. I know Blackjacks are anticipating this.

At long last their wait is over. 2NE1 had this image teaser for their upcoming new single. Almost a year since their last release for “ILove You,” 2NE1 fans are surely happy to know the good news. Reportedly, this is just the beginning and more songs will be released in the succeeding months.

With the large text “Falling in Love” could be a love theme, upbeat, summer song, where also 2NE1’s signature colors are used to represent themselves. Moreover, music videos and new choreography are being prepared too, that surely fans will love.

But nah! Why speculate? Let’s just wait for July 8th and see what it is all about!

Also, YG Entertainment is preparing for Kang Seung Yoon, G-Dragon and Taeyang‘s comeback dates, album releases and many more.


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