Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Shark korean drama: Son Ye Jin's smiles

Son Ye Jin, in the thriller-melodrama Shark still gleams a cheerful smile.

Son Ye Jin (Personal Taste) plays the role of Jo Hae-woo, a hotel owner heiress, but chooses a lowly life and enters a career as a prosecutor. His first love Han Yi-soo, played by Kim Nam Gil (Queen Seon Duk, Lovers), will become his greatest enemy.

[Plot summary] When Han Yi-soo’s father was killed and him escaping death too, he seeks revenge with the owner of the powerful Gaya Hotel Group. When all believed that he was dead, he came back after 12 years to get justice. But the Gaya Hotel Group is owned by Jo Hae-woo’s family. Hae-woo is the inheritor of the company and Yi-soo’s only love.

During the filming, the heavy melodrama depicts much heavy emotions of the characters, where revenge, guilt and regret are prevailing. So let’s look at the bright side, how actress Son Ye Jin brings a brilliant smile to the set. The KBS2 drama Shark released photos from the set of the drama.

"Though she′s close to exhaustion with the extreme emotions and tears she′s had to show in the shoots that last all night, she′s still been cheering up the staff with her trademark smile and cute antics." The producer commented.

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