Thursday, July 18, 2013

Kim Bum in his latest drama series “Goddess of Fire”

Latest images from Kim Bum’s drama series

[Plot Summary]
Young and talented, Yoo Jung (Moon Geun-young) has a passionate artistic soul of becoming the top potter and porcelain artist of the Joseon Dynasty. She was born with the skills no one had, specializing in making artistic and high quality pots. Some say the God of Kiln entered her body.
Before, Joseon Dynasty is famous for its white porcelain, claiming to have the highest quality in 16th century Asia.

Yoo Jung will fall in love with the Prince Gwanghae (Lee Sang-yoon), the 15th King of Joseon Dynasty. He posses brilliance and skills fit for a ruler, and his adversaries are not happy with it. Also, he grew up without the love of his father, King Seonjo, because he was blamed for the death of her mother, the queen, while giving birth to him.

The two then meets as destiny calls them.

Kim Bum, on the other hand, is Kim Tae-do. He and Yoo Jung, grew up together and Tae-do felt the need to take care of Yoo Jung. Later, as Yoo Jung entered the palace, Tae-do also became Prince Gwanghae’s subordinates, so he can still watch over her. Tae-do will then realize how he loves Yoo Jung, but his rival for Yoo Jung’s love will be Prince Gwanghae.


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