Wednesday, July 24, 2013

5-year jinx for 2NE1?

In the growing K-pop culture today, introducing the Korean pop music to the world, the five-year jinx is a term used by the industry to interpret the time most of the idol groups break up.

2NE1 is not exempted with this, when asked in the YTN's 'Ho Jun Suk's News In' about their opinion on the five-year jinx, leader CL explained, "That is probably due to the contract term."

The girls is now on it’s four years since their debut in 2009 and when the MC asked how was 2NE1’s contract term, they responded, "although we can't reveal that, we still have time left. I think our team will continue for a long time."

As they went on, the topic of going solo, member Dara shared, "If the opportunity presents itself, I want to do it. But since I'm promoting as a team right now, I am focused on 2NE1."

Though CL and Bom have promoted solo albums, all the members were actually trained to be individuals, they just debuted as a group. CL and her group are confident of going in their own if the time really comes.

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