Saturday, July 13, 2013

Psy and Lee Byung Hun on ‘RED 2’ premiere

At the premiere of Korean superstar Lee Byung Hun’s movie RED 2, he gets to meet another superstar fan Psy. Psy then took a photo of his idol saying, “with ma’ man Byung-hun Lee at his starring #RED2 premier”

'Red 2' is an action comedy starring big names from the Hollywood. This will be Lee Byung Hun's second Hollywood casting after the block buster hit ‘G.I. Joe’ film series. On the first ‘RED’ movie in 2010, Lee Byung Hun was not one of the cast, now he is as Han, an assassin set out to kill Frank (Bruce Willis).

'Red 2' is a movie based on famous DC comics, where a retired CIA agent Frank Moses (BruceWillis) and his reunited team of elite, but like Frank, retired forces as they try to stop a devastating nuclear explosion.

Other casts are Helen Mirren, John Malkovich, CatherineZeta-Jones and Academy Award Winner Anthony Hopkins.

Watch RED (2010) and watch for the release of RED 2!


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