Thursday, July 25, 2013

Idols on stage, gods of study at school

Your idols are not just voices and dances, in their early lives, they were “nerds” that excelled on their perspective schools.

2PM’s Taecyeon, Ok Taecyeon in real life was a well-rounded student during his high school and elementary. When his family migrated to the United States when he was 10, Taecyeon attended Bedford High School and became active with track and soccer, jazz club, chess club, and was part of the National Honors Society, as well as a variety of English, Korean, Spanish, Chinese languages that he mastered.  

He later went back to Korea and studied Business Administration at Dankook University.

Here are some images from Taecyeon’s high school days:

JV Soccer

Taecyeon as Jin-gook in the Korean drama 'Dream High'


2. Onew

Known as Onew in stage, this 23-year old leader of the boy group SHINEe, is also a top student in school.

Onew said in an interview with audiences on their 20s as they talked about how it felt to have good grades, “I’m actually really shy so I never thought I’d go into the field of entertainment. But in high school, I started to practice my singing. But I also studied hard. In my junior year of high school, I came in second place in the whole school [in terms of grades].”

Even in before, Onew loved to sing but he never let his academic fall because he also achieved the national highest score for their high school SATs exams.

Can you tell where Onew is?


Cho Kyuhyun is one of the main vocals of the famous group Super Junior.

During high school, Kyuhyun said to have won a Math Olympics award, as many had known his mathematical skills are great. He said he likes spending hours solving math problems. He was top on his class and also famous in his language skills.

Kyuhyun was also urged to take up law but shifted to singing and music when he joined a band during high school. He became more interested on music but his father was against it, so he tried his best to pass an entrance exam in a university, where now he majors Post-modern Music.

Kyuhyun clutching their awards the Golden Disc Awards last year.


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