Tuesday, July 23, 2013

G-Dragon on Vogue

Vogue Magazine, one of the largest fashion and lifestyle magazines, decided to make the Korean culture and style their theme for their 17th anniversary issue. And the one person that came to his mind is the singer, composer, dancer, model and record producer, G-Dragon! 

The Big Bang leader is known by his intricate styles in music, dancing and specially fashion. From where G-Dragon is now, is the fruit of his hard work and full passion to his career.

Famous models Kim Sung Hee, Soo Joo and Park Ji Hye are the deuce-ace that will be with G-Dragon during the photoshoot.

With over a hundreds of outfits to wear from famous brand names, G-Dragon tirelessly cooperates with the staff. This was a huge project for G-Dragon and being tired has no room for it. After his concert tour, G-Dragon is preparing for his 2nd solo album as a comeback and he is constantly working in the studio.

Let us look at some of the images below.


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