Friday, July 12, 2013

How 2NE1 dealt with their dating bans

At a website, to celebrate their comeback in the latest album "Falling in Love", 2NE1 member Dara reflected some memories on her dating ban being lifted last year.

Last 2012, Sandara Park and Park Bom were given a freedom to date, at last!

Sandara wrote in her M2day, "Today's new years! 99% of the texts that I received from my friends and acquaintances were, 'I hope you get a cool boyfriend this year,' and 'Have a wonderful love this year!' It seems that people around me are more worried than I am about getting a boyfriend! As promised by YG CEO, we are free to date starting this year! Woot! Anyways, everyone, have a blessed new year! I want to become cuter this year!"

And fans commented, "Congratulations on your dating ban being over!" and "I hope you meet a nice and cool boyfriend this year."

But how were they restricted?

I their agency YG Enterainment, the four girls are made to signed a contract where they are not allowed to date. It is a bit of a personal issue but the girls are willing to set aside it all just to succeed and focus on their work.

The 28-year old kpop idol Dara, said, "I kind of pity myself. Last year, I had the ban, so I thought, 'I have to listen well to the CEO.' But now that it's lifted, it feels even weirder," and added "Even though I'm allowed to date now, [I don't]."

Their leader CL also said that even without a ban on dating, as Kpop icons, it is still difficult.

For CL, she stated, "My image is also a problem. Since I say on stage, 'I'm the best', not only men but also other women get scared when trying to talk or approach me."

The 22-year old rapper/singer has one more year of her dating ban. Her unnies [Dara and Park Bom] were lifted last year because of their age but Minzy and CL’s dating ban will be lifted next year.

CL also said, “we don't go out on variety shows, and we only stand on one stage per week, so we don't have much of a chance to meet other celebrities. Since we're always working, we don't have opportunities to meet new people. We've never even had a break since our debut."

Well, fans are happy whether they have a boyfriend or not, or dating or not, as long as they don’t hurt the hearts of their favorite idols.

Let’s just hope that the 2NE1 girls will find their perfect match!


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