Monday, July 8, 2013

Kim Hyun Joong’s comeback on the small screen

After releasing his third Japanese single and being a cast in the latest Korean variety show “Barefoot Friends,” the singer/actor Kim HyunJoong is up again for another drama “Inspiring Generation.”

According to news, the singer/actor was suppose to have a drama comeback through City Conquest but later fell through. Kim Hyun Joong is said to be with co-actor Lee Jun Ki or could be one of them is competing with the same role. There were less information yet so Kim Hyun Joong drama comeback could be far behind.

KHJ's City Conquest drama still
The drama “Inspiring Generation” is said to be an action-drama genre that took place during the 1930s. But his agency is still in the process and confirming whether Kim Hyun Joong will be really back again in the small screen or not.

Fans are really anticipating for his comeback, so let’s hope for it.

Along with it, the actor released a teaser for his new album ‘Round 3.’ This one will be Kim Hyun Jung’s Korean comeback in the music stage since his mini solo album “Lucky” last 2011. The album will be like the Japanese 2012 album ‘Unlimited’ only that now it is in Korean.

Let’s watch out for more of your Korean idols!


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